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5 Foot Problems Orthotics Can Help Treat

You may be familiar with over-the-counter shoe inserts, but they pale in comparison to prescription orthotics, which are customized for your feet. Keep reading to learn about them and five problems they can help treat.
Oct 1st, 2023

Can You Get Rid of Heel Spurs at Home?

Heel spurs, bony protrusions on the sole of your foot, can create pain and stiffness when you move. Is there anything you can do at home to get rid of them? We have the answer for you here.
Sep 1st, 2023

The Gout Diet: 3 Best and Worst Foods to Manage Flare-Ups

Gout is a form of arthritis characterized by intense flare-ups of painful symptoms. While medication may be effective, knowing which foods help and which make gout worse can help you manage the symptoms or even prevent them from occurring.
Aug 2nd, 2023

Tips for Working Out when You Have Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs when uric acid crystals build up in the joint. As with other forms of arthritis, exercise can make you feel better and decrease your symptoms. Here are tips for how to work out with gout.
Jul 2nd, 2023

What Causes Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs are bony growths that develop in response to wear-and-tear or overuse injuries. Learn more about what causes bone spurs, especially heel spurs, here.
Apr 2nd, 2023

How to Manage a Sudden Gout Flare-up

Gout is a form of arthritis that causes painful symptoms due to uric acid crystals in the joints. Here’s how you can manage flare-ups when they occur.
Feb 13th, 2023

4 Heel Pain Symptoms to Take Seriously

If you’re experiencing heel pain, take it and related symptoms seriously and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Here are four symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.
Dec 16th, 2022

Are Steroid Injections Safe?

If you’re dealing with foot or ankle pain, your doctor may give you a steroid injection to relieve pain and inflammation. But are these injections safe? Here’s what our experts have to say.
Nov 2nd, 2022

How Having Flat Feet Can Cause Foot Problems

If your foot arch never formed or if you develop fallen arches as an adult, you can experience a number of foot and body problems. Learn all about flat feet and how we can help here.
Oct 10th, 2022

How Orthotics Can Correct Your Foot Alignment

If foot, heel, or ankle problems are causing pain and alignment issues, custom-designed orthotics may be the solution you’re looking for. We have the details for you here.
Aug 3rd, 2022

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome vs. Plantar Fasciitis

You have pain in the sole of your foot. Is it tarsal tunnel syndrome or plantar fasciitis? Keep reading to learn the difference between the two and what you can do to reduce the pain.
Jul 1st, 2022

Will Bunions Go Away on Their Own?

If your feet have become deformed by the development of bunions, you may wonder if they’ll go away on their own or if you need to get medical treatment. We have the answer — and a lot more for you — here.
Jun 1st, 2022

When to Seek Help for Warts on Your Feet

Warts might not be the most serious medical concern, but if they pop up on your feet, they could be very uncomfortable. Learn all about warts on your feet and what treatments could offer you relief.
Apr 1st, 2022

5 Preventive Foot Care Tips for Athletes

If you want to play sports, you need to take good care of your feet and ankles to prevent an injury. In this month’s blog, learn about our five preventive foot care tips for athletes.
Mar 1st, 2022

How Do I Know if I Have a Stress Fracture?

If you play high-impact sports or do repetitive activities, you’re at risk for a stress fracture, a hairline crack in a bone. Keep reading to learn what signs indicate you may have a stress fracture.
Jan 1st, 2022

Signs of an Ingrown Toenail Infection

If you have an ingrown toenail, you need to watch for the signs of an infection. How do you know when to get medical help? Get the facts here.
Dec 1st, 2021

5 Symptoms of Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis, but it has a different cause than the most common forms, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Keep reading to learn more about this disease, including the five characteristic symptoms that indicate an attack.
Nov 1st, 2021

How Cortisone Injections Can Help Your Hammertoes

If your second, third, and/or fourth toe bends at the middle joint, you have what’s known as a hammertoe. Keep reading to learn more about the condition, as well as how treatments such as cortisone injections can help.
Oct 11th, 2021

How Diabetes Affects Your Feet

Diabetes is a disease with wide-ranging effects, and that includes your feet. Keep reading to learn how high blood sugar can affect your feet and what you can do about it.
Aug 9th, 2021

6 Signs of an Ankle Fracture

If you’ve taken a spill or been in an accident and you’re experiencing pain and swelling in your ankle, you may have a fracture. Keep reading to learn about the signs of an ankle fracture and what we can do to aid your recovery.
Jul 9th, 2021

Major Risk Factors for Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re struggling with heel pain that’s worse after resting, you may be dealing with plantar fasciitis. Learn about the major risk factors, as well as what can help.
Jun 10th, 2021

What Lifestyle Practices Help Gout?

Gout can cause pain and sensitivity so severe that the slightest touch can feel agonizing. Though you can’t change physical characteristics that make you susceptible to gout, you can modify certain lifestyle factors to reduce the onset of symptoms.
May 4th, 2021

4 Bothersome Hammertoe Symptoms

A hammertoe can cause physical changes in the shape and flexibility of an affected toe. Although a hammertoe can make it embarrassing to bare your feet, it can also impact your daily life. Find out more about the effects of a hammertoe on your foot.
Apr 1st, 2021

Complications of an Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are excruciating. As your nail pushes into the tender flesh of your toe, it can lead to various painful complications. Learn about potential risks and how to prevent them.
Mar 11th, 2021

Signs You're Living With a Stress Fracture in Your Foot

Wondering whether that nagging pain is a stress fracture? Unfortunately, you can have a stress fracture and not know it. Left untreated this condition can develop into a break. Find out how to recognize common symptoms and prevent serious damage.
Feb 3rd, 2021

Podiatry and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to take care of your podiatry needs. If you’re struggling with foot or ankle issues, take steps to ensure a safe visit so you can get relief sooner and avoid potential complications.
Jan 20th, 2021

5 Helpful Tips to Care for Your Diabetic Foot at Home

When you have diabetes, you have a lot to manage such as your diet and blood sugar levels. Don’t let your feet go unnoticed — foot problems are common among people with diabetes. Here are five tips on how to care for your feet.
Dec 2nd, 2020